Quality Assurance & Food Safety
Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Comprehensive Quality Assurance & Food Safety Program

Product quality sets Gills Onions apart. It is by design and through our commitment to a comprehensive quality assurance and food safety program that our company consistently delivers the best quality fresh cut onions in the industry. Because of Gills’ vertical integration, foodservice processors, canneries and retailers nationwide can depend on year round supply of whole peeled, diced, sliced and pureed onions that meet or exceed their specifications.Our state of the art lab is run by a team of specialists with degrees in food science and microbiology.

Our program includes:

  • In-house quality assurance laboratory
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) based process
  • Food Horizon real-time monitoring & reporting system
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbering) compliant
  • Multiple third-party verifications
    • SAIGlobal
    • NSF Supplier Assurance Audit
    • Army
  • Critical control point data is collected and stored throughout each day using Food Horizon, a web site which provides 24 hour tracking on all critical control points in the processing facility.
  • iCiX site stores compliance information, including audit reports, insurance certificates, and specifications, for our iCiX member customers
  • Our in-house laboratory performs-microbiological, chemical, and physical analysis on a lot basis tailored to customer specifications. Microbiology testing consists of Total Plate Count, Total Coliforms, E. coli, yeasts and molds. Chemical & physical evaluations include Brix, moisture, pH, firmness.
  • Kosher Certification by the Rabbinical Council of California. To see our certification, click here
  • To view our product specifications, please click here

Food Safety Commitment

Gills Onions has been processing fresh cut onions since 1983 and holds a unique position in the produce industry. Gills Onions is a vertically integrated company and, as such, it has control over every aspect of its operations, from seed selection, growing, and harvesting to processing and shipping of finished goods. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) have always been part of the processing operation and in 1992 a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan was implemented.

As a pioneer and respected processor, the company is committed to complying with federal, state and local food safety regulations and offers safe onion products of the highest quality. Food service distributors, regional processors and canneries nationwide can depend on year round supply of whole peeled, diced, sliced and pureed onions that meet or exceed their specifications.

In its continued effort to provide safe products to its customers, Gills Onions strives to improve existing programs by reviewing their food safety management programs (HACCP and SQF 2000) and requesting auditing companies to evaluate them as well. Gills Onions works to increase its growth and profitability through its high quality products, long standing customer relationships and use of state of the art equipment.

The company values its employees and realizes that they are an important ingredient in the continued growth and success of the business. Together, as a team, the employees and Gills Onions will continue to work hard toward our number one objective of providing safe, high quality, value added onion products.