Gills Onions Announces the Launch of New Retail Line

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Oxnard, CA (October 7, 2013) – Gills Onions, a California-based market leader in fresh-cut onions, announces today the launch of two new prepared onion products, Caramelized Red Onions and Grilled Yellow Onions, available in 8 oz jars.

Made with the same California-grown onions used in their fresh sliced and diced line, Gills new products offer the added benefit of their unique flavor profiles as well as the fact that they are recipe ready with no heating or other preparation required. The Caramelized Red Onions are fresh sliced onions that have been sautéed until caramelized and then tossed in tangy balsamic red-wine vinegar for a bold flavor. In contrast, the Grilled Yellow Onions are made with fresh diced onions and slow-roasted for a flame-grilled taste. Both items make ideal toppings for main entrees and appetizers such as steak or bruschetta, but also work well when added to salads, soups, sauces or tacos.

“Our caramelized and grilled onions make it even more convenient for consumers to add unique flavor to their meals,” said Nelia Alamo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Gills Onions. “We know that today’s home chef is pressed for time, but they still want to serve up healthy meals that their family and friends will love. These new prepared onions will help them do that.”

Gills’ prepared onions are currently being sold in select locations across California and are ready for nationwide shipping.

About Gills Onions:
Gills Onions is a 30-year old, family owned and operated grower and food processor with the most innovative fresh onion processing plant in the world. In concert with sister company Rio Farms, the Gill brothers manage over 15,000 acres of farmland and 300,000 square feet of processing and warehouse facilities.