The Gills Onions story is as rich and intense as our flavorful onions and is hallmarked by:

  • Our past innovations leading to our present use of technology to grow, process, and ship the world’s best fresh-cut onions in award-winning processes that set the standard for our industry. Learn more in Innovation & Technology.
  • A company Mission and Vision that pays more than lip service to simply having one, but is how we truly see our role in the world and our industry. Read about it in Mission & Vision.
  • Where our California grown onions are grown – in some of the state’s most fertile and vibrant growing regions to ensure consistent crops, quality and flavor. See it in Growing Regions.
  • Our passion for all things Onions – including history, where they came from, and how they came to be grown, eaten and revered for their flavor and many uses. Can you imagine the surprise when someone bit into an onion for the first time? Was it a dare?

Learn more in Onion History.