Gills Onions is all about onions.



"If you're still cutting onions, it's a Crying Shame!" ™

Founded in 1983, Gills Onions is one of the nation’s largest, family-owned onion growers and operates one of the largest, most innovative and sustainable fresh-cut onion processing plants in the world. In the 1980’s, farming brothers Steve and David Gill were asked by a salsa manufacturing company to provide diced onions for its products. Before then, the only way to wash, skin, slice, and dice onions was by hand in the kitchen. The Gills developed proprietary equipment and processes to peel, slice, dice, and deliver the first fresh cut onions.

Today, Gills Onions, renowned for the highest quality fresh onion products in the market today, are found in everything from salsa to spaghetti sauce to fast food chains and are available nationally to consumers in the fresh produce section of their supermarkets. Along the way, the Gills committed to growing and processing the highest quality, most flavorful Fresh Onions – and to exploring new technologies and methods to maximize conservation and efficiency.

The results allow Gills Onions to consistently uphold product quality and safety standards while delivering tremendous convenience and value to every customer - all while being an environmentally-conscious leader in the fresh produce industry. Learn more about our products in All About Onions.